Brain Rocket Evolution

by Girobabies

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Our brand new single was actually first jammed out years ago. We have decided to show you all our working on the B-sides and how we came to evolve the song . That`s cool eh? Interesting innit? Edgy aye? you get all the 3 tracks for a pound.


released November 13, 2014

Track written by Girobabies
Sun Dogs Production



all rights reserved
Track Name: Brain Rocket (And The Evolution of Turtles)
it`s not rocket science all merits are dubious,
a flash in the pan from the dead pan curious,
bravado steeped in irony,
steamed up windows ( car-keys in the bowl) ,
zip it shut! close it up! kick down the door!
and glue together a little ship,
demolish each boat brick by brick,
Hollywood agent`s plastic sugeons,
(give them all a nobel prize)
Jabs and shots and GM crops it`s
(no surprise these people ain`t wise)
Camaraderie showboat fisherman,
senses weakness `n` sticks the boot in,
delicate flower - draped in poison,
she steals a glance then - reels the boys in,
I`de admire and hire the architect,
who burned his blueprint to light his cigarette x2
by the book structures - void and ludicrous,
it`s not rocket science all merits are dubious,
full ay this,
who is this?
the turtle is 150 years old x 3
how do they know?